Rare like Mohammed Rafi

Mohammed Rafi who is a stand alone miracle has sung many very rare songs that although were sublime to listen to  – they never quite got the recognition or popularity that they deserved.

I have listed a few in my humble opinion that if listened to properly are stunning in the way they have been sung as always by the “Voice of God”

  1. Mere Dost Tujhe – Dhadkhan (1972)  (2 Versions – film is very short, longer on Vinyl)
  2. Doston Mein Koi Baat – Prem Kahani (1975)
  3. Yeh anjaan Rahen – Rakh Aur Chingari (1972) (Again two version as original was poor quality)
  4. Sadqe Heer Tujhpe – Mera Naam Joker (1970)
  5. Main Koi Jhoot  – Jagte Raho (1956) (Rafi Saab sings with Balbir but listen to when Rafi saab extends his notes…you will not believe what you are listening to)
  6. Rona Hai to To – Duniya (1949)
  7. Wah re Zamaane  – Ghar Ki Izzat (1948)
  8. Ya Kurbaan – Kabuliwala (1961)
  9. Pyar Ke Sagar – Jadoo (1951)
  10. Dam Torte Hain – Shagun (1951)

These are just a few songs where the vocals are beyond one’s imagination on how an individual can sing and give as much emotion as  Rafi saab has. These songs are not commercially popular and have never got the justified airplay as they should have.


My Favourites …Solos

Even though the title says “My Favourites” – in reality, that is not actually possible…..for every song listed i can find at least another 5 to replace…it is almost impossible to narrow down the list but i will try and highlight at least one stunning hidden gem from each song that has resulted in the song appearing in my list.

  1. Aane Se Uske – Jeene Ki Raah: 3 versions to this song but we can concentrate on the two main ones – the slow and fast version. In the slow version listen out for the “Thodisi Deewaani hai” about a 1m 50 secs into the track –  it will take your breath away.
  2. Ye Zindagi ke Mele – Mela : 3 versions and also different in film. on cd and vinyl.This song is just so simple, honest and true to it’s word – exactly like the singer Mohammed Rafi.
  3. Ye Anjaan Rahen – Raakh Aur Chingaari: A totally under rated song which is rarely heard anywhere – this song is a masterpiece by Mohammed Rafi. I promise you any other singer and it would be just mediocre but Mohammed Rafi has given this such life and meaning. Listen to way he repeats “Mujhe Zindagi tu kahan ” and every time he repeats the main chorus line – there is a slight difference in the nuances….WOW !!!!
  4. Zindagi to Bewafa Hai – Muqaddar Ka Sikander: The words “Mar ek Jeene Ki Ada” it makes the hairs on the back of neck stand – this is one sad rendition that can leave a lump in the throat. Mohammed Rafi only got this one short song to sing in the whole film but my word – ” Mar Ke Jeene Ki Ada Jo” – will make you skip a heart beat….
  5. Ye Jo Chilman Hai – Mehboob Ki Mehndi: Another very under rated song – the true meaning of Caressing a song is here…..”Kitne Sharmilee ” how does he do it…..It just feels like he is singing this for himself – i am lost for words with how smooth, loving his words feel – his voice is like water flowing….
  6. Mohabbat Ke Dhoke Mein – Badi Bahen: A very old song with Mohammed Rafi sounding truly wounded and someone who has given up on life. The line “Magar raat din ab karen Hai Hai”  – it is so hard to listen to this as you feel the immense pain the words in the way that Mohammed Rafi has sung this.

Get stuck into these and i will soon post other hidden gems within songs that you may have heard but missed the hidden gem…..

A Touch Of Class …

There have been so many songs where Mohammed Rafi has not been the main singer and has been asked to sing a few lines in the song – mainly coming in at the end of a song .

It is actually mind numbing that when Mohammed Rafi is required even to do a couple of lines, he has managed to change the entire feel of the song and more often than not – he has made a mediocre song sound very good and one that you would not forget.

In these songs Mohammed Rafi has changed the feel, meaning and the whole momentum of the song. I have heard these songs over and over again and i have so much difficulty in comprehending what and how this Genius has managed to do this.The amazing thing is that the songs that he worked his magic on on were full songs sung by the greats such as Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Lata, Asha – so they were not unknowns that Mohammed Rafi overpowered.

However Class is Class and it cannot be suppressed or denied and this “Voice Of God” is the greatest voice that can ever reach anyone’s hearing…ever.

I have done a list of some of these songs for you to try out – please listen to the complete songs and not just where Mohammed Rafi starts singing to appreciate the full affect.

  • Humko Tumse Hogaya hai – Amar Akbar Anthony
  • Chana Cor Garam – Kranti
  • Mile Jo Kadi Kadi – Kasme Vaade
  • Badeltey Rishtey – Badeltey Rishtey
  • Sajana Saath Nibhana – Doli
  • Zindagi Ek Safar – Andaz
  • Dil ka Na Karna  – Halaku
  • Dil Ek Mandir – Dil Ek Mandir (opening Line…(Jaanewaale…)
  • Chura Liya Hai – Yaadon Ki Baraat
  • Gao Taraane Man ke – Aan (Chorus only…)
  • Need se Jaag – Pratiggya

I hope the above list gives you an idea of what Mohammed Rafi has left behind…i am so sure even he did not realise how much he changed when he sang….in reality when he sand …he gave birth to the song….Enjoy

Appalling …

Karan Johar is one the most arrogant and self centred individuals who hangs around with the rich and glossy fraternity in bollywood , to add to these accolades he is ignorant and has just proved what a repulsive individual he has become with not an ounce of shame…

It is so evident that he does not rate Mohammed Rafi as a singer and his preference is Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar (i have no problem with that)  – but to blatantly use Mohammed Rafi’s name as  a comedy insult in his next trashy offering is so wrong and unacceptable on every level.

I just do not understand or fathom why he has had the need to drag such a pious name through his rubbish – what did it add to his new excuse for a film? The most stunning thing is that despite the outcry form the likes of Sonu Nigam , Mohammed Aziz and Bhappie Lahiri plus the head of police in Goa – (has asked for Mohammed Rafi fans to boycott the film) – Karan Johar has not batted an eyelid – either to apologise or delete the dialogue. Naturally the family of Mohammed Rafi has spoken out very angrily and rightly so – but these are boring people as they do not fit into the kind of society and social circle KJ hangs around with . The ignorant man does not even realise that his own father used Mohammed Rafi to sing in his films – so what does he think of his dad’s choice?

This is a matter of respect, if he had said this about Lata Mangeshkar he would have been lynched and it would have been totally unacceptable to say this about any of the senior singers – especially those that are no longer with us.

Karan Johar please remember Mohammed Rafi will be remembered long after you have gone and your films never be revered as much as Mohammed Rafi’s songs and to add to that you have insulted a man who is worshipped by millions and not only were his songs revered but he was also renowned as a very pious, honest and a true gentlemen, who gave so much to charity, helped other up coming singers, sang for free for new music directors who could not afford him, the list goes on of what this man was about.

Karan Johar, what have you done recently  that can remotely be defined as decent?

Be a man and accept this is wrong and salvage a bit of self respect by either deleting the scene ( a bit late as you have already poisoned the young viewers of what Mohammed Rafi sang like) or at least apologise man!!!

Ye Zindagi Ke Mele..

The title song of this 1948 film Mela starring Dilip Kumar to me is one of the most under rated Rafi songs that i know.

The lyrics are  by Shakeel Badayuni and music is by Naushad but it is what Rafi saab has done with the song. The simplicity of the song well and truly highlights how honest and simple the song is about life and death.

Rafi saab has effortlessly sung it with such depth and feeling that even the simple basic words come to life and can easily reduce the listener close to tears.

There are about 2 or 3 different versions to this song between the film, cd, and vinyl. The song is a background song and not actually pictured in the leading man Dilip Kumar  – it is filmed on an old fakir singing in a fun fair. I think the version on vinyl is much more profound and strong compared to the visual one.

Listen very carefully to where Rafi extends certain words and realise exactly why he has done this  – it makes you realise the emotion behind the words.

Please enjoy this longer version which also has dialogues from the film but please do not let that spoil your enjoyment of Rafi Saab …

Mohammed Rafi Saab …

This is something i have wanted to do for a long, long time – my own personal tribute to the one individual who’s voice has had a profound  affect on my life. Mohammed Rafi to the majority is merely a great singer and he has scores of fans wold wide but to me he is a way of life. I cannot go a day without hearing his voice or thinking of him at some point , even as i sit here writing about him – i can hear his voice in the background and i take a long look at the life-size picture of him in the room.

I have searched for a long time within myself of what his voice and his thoughts do to me but i cannot explain it to anyone. He evokes such emotion in me that i lose my train of thought, no matter what i am doing. I cannot bear the thought of other people even remotely discussing him let alone try and criticise him….scary huh?

I have been in anguish for a long time with frustration because i feel that he does not get the credit he more than deserves from the masses and his own country’s government or his own family. There have recently been a hand full of books on him and out of these a couple are not worth the paper they are written on  – especially the one by his own daughter in law.

I am so fed up of the comparisons that have been made of him and other singers – there is no damn comparison , which does not mean that the other singers were not great but they just were not on par to “The Voice Of God” !

Mohammed Rafi Saab was a miracle and it will never ever be repeated again….

I hope to share much about my learning  and findings of Rafi Saab and i also intend to share many of his songs which really hold something special in them such as nuances which the un-trained ear can easily miss, the little jhatkas and mischief which only Rafi Saab could produce without being asked – as the music directors did not even have the vision Rafi Saab had.