Rare like Mohammed Rafi

Mohammed Rafi who is a stand alone miracle has sung many very rare songs that although were sublime to listen to  – they never quite got the recognition or popularity that they deserved.

I have listed a few in my humble opinion that if listened to properly are stunning in the way they have been sung as always by the “Voice of God”

  1. Mere Dost Tujhe – Dhadkhan (1972)  (2 Versions – film is very short, longer on Vinyl)
  2. Doston Mein Koi Baat – Prem Kahani (1975)
  3. Yeh anjaan Rahen – Rakh Aur Chingari (1972) (Again two version as original was poor quality)
  4. Sadqe Heer Tujhpe – Mera Naam Joker (1970)
  5. Main Koi Jhoot  – Jagte Raho (1956) (Rafi Saab sings with Balbir but listen to when Rafi saab extends his notes…you will not believe what you are listening to)
  6. Rona Hai to To – Duniya (1949)
  7. Wah re Zamaane  – Ghar Ki Izzat (1948)
  8. Ya Kurbaan – Kabuliwala (1961)
  9. Pyar Ke Sagar – Jadoo (1951)
  10. Dam Torte Hain – Shagun (1951)

These are just a few songs where the vocals are beyond one’s imagination on how an individual can sing and give as much emotion as  Rafi saab has. These songs are not commercially popular and have never got the justified airplay as they should have.


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