My Favourites …Solos

Even though the title says “My Favourites” – in reality, that is not actually possible…..for every song listed i can find at least another 5 to replace…it is almost impossible to narrow down the list but i will try and highlight at least one stunning hidden gem from each song that has resulted in the song appearing in my list.

  1. Aane Se Uske – Jeene Ki Raah: 3 versions to this song but we can concentrate on the two main ones – the slow and fast version. In the slow version listen out for the “Thodisi Deewaani hai” about a 1m 50 secs into the track –  it will take your breath away.
  2. Ye Zindagi ke Mele – Mela : 3 versions and also different in film. on cd and vinyl.This song is just so simple, honest and true to it’s word – exactly like the singer Mohammed Rafi.
  3. Ye Anjaan Rahen – Raakh Aur Chingaari: A totally under rated song which is rarely heard anywhere – this song is a masterpiece by Mohammed Rafi. I promise you any other singer and it would be just mediocre but Mohammed Rafi has given this such life and meaning. Listen to way he repeats “Mujhe Zindagi tu kahan ” and every time he repeats the main chorus line – there is a slight difference in the nuances….WOW !!!!
  4. Zindagi to Bewafa Hai – Muqaddar Ka Sikander: The words “Mar ek Jeene Ki Ada” it makes the hairs on the back of neck stand – this is one sad rendition that can leave a lump in the throat. Mohammed Rafi only got this one short song to sing in the whole film but my word – ” Mar Ke Jeene Ki Ada Jo” – will make you skip a heart beat….
  5. Ye Jo Chilman Hai – Mehboob Ki Mehndi: Another very under rated song – the true meaning of Caressing a song is here…..”Kitne Sharmilee ” how does he do it…..It just feels like he is singing this for himself – i am lost for words with how smooth, loving his words feel – his voice is like water flowing….
  6. Mohabbat Ke Dhoke Mein – Badi Bahen: A very old song with Mohammed Rafi sounding truly wounded and someone who has given up on life. The line “Magar raat din ab karen Hai Hai”  – it is so hard to listen to this as you feel the immense pain the words in the way that Mohammed Rafi has sung this.

Get stuck into these and i will soon post other hidden gems within songs that you may have heard but missed the hidden gem…..


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