Appalling …

Karan Johar is one the most arrogant and self centred individuals who hangs around with the rich and glossy fraternity in bollywood , to add to these accolades he is ignorant and has just proved what a repulsive individual he has become with not an ounce of shame…

It is so evident that he does not rate Mohammed Rafi as a singer and his preference is Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar (i have no problem with that)  – but to blatantly use Mohammed Rafi’s name as  a comedy insult in his next trashy offering is so wrong and unacceptable on every level.

I just do not understand or fathom why he has had the need to drag such a pious name through his rubbish – what did it add to his new excuse for a film? The most stunning thing is that despite the outcry form the likes of Sonu Nigam , Mohammed Aziz and Bhappie Lahiri plus the head of police in Goa – (has asked for Mohammed Rafi fans to boycott the film) – Karan Johar has not batted an eyelid – either to apologise or delete the dialogue. Naturally the family of Mohammed Rafi has spoken out very angrily and rightly so – but these are boring people as they do not fit into the kind of society and social circle KJ hangs around with . The ignorant man does not even realise that his own father used Mohammed Rafi to sing in his films – so what does he think of his dad’s choice?

This is a matter of respect, if he had said this about Lata Mangeshkar he would have been lynched and it would have been totally unacceptable to say this about any of the senior singers – especially those that are no longer with us.

Karan Johar please remember Mohammed Rafi will be remembered long after you have gone and your films never be revered as much as Mohammed Rafi’s songs and to add to that you have insulted a man who is worshipped by millions and not only were his songs revered but he was also renowned as a very pious, honest and a true gentlemen, who gave so much to charity, helped other up coming singers, sang for free for new music directors who could not afford him, the list goes on of what this man was about.

Karan Johar, what have you done recently  that can remotely be defined as decent?

Be a man and accept this is wrong and salvage a bit of self respect by either deleting the scene ( a bit late as you have already poisoned the young viewers of what Mohammed Rafi sang like) or at least apologise man!!!


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