Ye Zindagi Ke Mele..

The title song of this 1948 film Mela starring Dilip Kumar to me is one of the most under rated Rafi songs that i know.

The lyrics are  by Shakeel Badayuni and music is by Naushad but it is what Rafi saab has done with the song. The simplicity of the song well and truly highlights how honest and simple the song is about life and death.

Rafi saab has effortlessly sung it with such depth and feeling that even the simple basic words come to life and can easily reduce the listener close to tears.

There are about 2 or 3 different versions to this song between the film, cd, and vinyl. The song is a background song and not actually pictured in the leading man Dilip Kumar  – it is filmed on an old fakir singing in a fun fair. I think the version on vinyl is much more profound and strong compared to the visual one.

Listen very carefully to where Rafi extends certain words and realise exactly why he has done this  – it makes you realise the emotion behind the words.

Please enjoy this longer version which also has dialogues from the film but please do not let that spoil your enjoyment of Rafi Saab …


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