Mohammed Rafi Saab …

This is something i have wanted to do for a long, long time – my own personal tribute to the one individual who’s voice has had a profound  affect on my life. Mohammed Rafi to the majority is merely a great singer and he has scores of fans wold wide but to me he is a way of life. I cannot go a day without hearing his voice or thinking of him at some point , even as i sit here writing about him – i can hear his voice in the background and i take a long look at the life-size picture of him in the room.

I have searched for a long time within myself of what his voice and his thoughts do to me but i cannot explain it to anyone. He evokes such emotion in me that i lose my train of thought, no matter what i am doing. I cannot bear the thought of other people even remotely discussing him let alone try and criticise him….scary huh?

I have been in anguish for a long time with frustration because i feel that he does not get the credit he more than deserves from the masses and his own country’s government or his own family. There have recently been a hand full of books on him and out of these a couple are not worth the paper they are written on  – especially the one by his own daughter in law.

I am so fed up of the comparisons that have been made of him and other singers – there is no damn comparison , which does not mean that the other singers were not great but they just were not on par to “The Voice Of God” !

Mohammed Rafi Saab was a miracle and it will never ever be repeated again….

I hope to share much about my learning  and findings of Rafi Saab and i also intend to share many of his songs which really hold something special in them such as nuances which the un-trained ear can easily miss, the little jhatkas and mischief which only Rafi Saab could produce without being asked – as the music directors did not even have the vision Rafi Saab had.


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